Shri Anna Ganapati Navgraha Siddhapeetham Nashik Maharashtra India

ll श्री अन्ना गणपति नवग्रह सिद्धपीठम् नाशिक ll

About Guruji

A 'Guru' is a teacher– a teacher par excellence. A saintly contemplative man who can impart wisdom and give enlightenment to a seeker of Truth is traditionally honoured as a Guru. To those who grope in darkness, the Guru is like a beacon of light, giving direction to their destiny. To those who have no stamina to strive and face life, the Guru is like a nourishing elixir/potion who imparts courage and strength. To those who have lost track in the desert sands of despair, he appears like an oasis of hope and gives a helping hand to help them out of the wilderness of confusion.

On the auspicious day of 'Datta Jayanti' Lord Dattatraya’s birthday on Margashirsha Poornima in December, Dattayogi Swami Shri Anna Guruji Maharaj was born in Maharashtra.

Since early childhood his inclination towards spiritualism connected him with religious rituals and was intrigued by the scientific orientation and the impact the planets and astrology has on our lives and destiny. Poverty and suffering was to him a disease that was to be remedied by the realistic handling of the situation. He commenced an in–depth study of these subjects as he was convinced that vedic prayers and spiritual orientation would result in a better quality of life in this world and even today Dattayogi Swami Shri Anna Guruji Maharaj strongly believes that ‘Knowledge holds the key to the resolution of all problems’.

In pursuit of knowledge, Dattayogi Swami Shri Anna Guruji Maharaj found his ‘Guru’ in Karmayogi Saint H. H. Jagatguru Shree Digambar Dattatraya Maharaj, and was based at Junagarh for 30 years following his Guru’s guidance, to be blessed by ‘Guru Diksha’ and achieving Self–Realization. During this period Dattayogi Swami Shri Anna Guruji Maharaj was meditating, and chanting & performing Holistic Rituals, which continue even today to be an integral part of his life.

In a short span of 3 decades, he has effectively contributed through a large volume of work, bringing hope and a positive change to numerous lives. Dattayogi Swami Shri Anna Guruji Maharaj lives every single day with the motto – ‘Serving mankind is serving God’. Today with the ongoing work at the Shri Anna Guruji Pratishthan, as well as the establishment of Shri Anna Ganapati Navgraha Siddhapeetham, Nasik, Maharashtra, India and Puna, Ratnagiri. Dattayogi Swami Shri Anna Guruji Maharaj has taken into his fold several people from various strata of society, giving them education and a good direction in life.

Shri Anna Ganapati Navagraha Siddhapeetham in Nasik is a 42 feet Idol which has four mukhas, one of a kind in the whole universe, facing all four directions, blessings and spreading the divine aura to people, all around. The NAVGRAHA SIDDHAPEETHAM is built on Vedic principles , Dattayogi Swami Shri Anna Guruji Maharaj believes that our lives are influenced by nine planets. The position of these planets in our horoscopes during our birth determines the happiness and hardships that take place in our lives. In order to avert the negative effects of the planets and improve their positive energies

A small place town Hedvi in Ratnagiri is Shri Swami Smarath Mattham .

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