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Believed to be an incarnation of Shri Dattatreya the name of this spiritual master, popularly called Swami Samarth, is a household word in Maharashtra and the region around. As this Perfect Master chose to reside at a place called Akkalkot for 22 years where he took Mahasamadhi (left his mortal body) in 1878, he is also known as theMaharaj of Akkalkot, Akkalkot is situated in district Solapur of Maharashtra state of India.

Shree Swami Samarth of Akkalkot

  • One thing is as bright as Sunlight :

    'Fear Not I am with you' – Swami Samarth. This is promise given by Shri Swami Samarth. This is promise by the God to you. Tens of thousands of Swami’s devotees all over the world continue to experience the miracles of Swami’s visible and invisible help even today. Swami Samarth’s promise has never failed and will never fail!!!

    For the devotees of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, it would be inspiring to learn about the life and deeds of ‘Swami Samarth’. A comparative picturisation of the lives of these two great Saints, i.e. Swami Samarth and Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi would establish a surprising amount of commonness in their lives and deeds which includes their methods of teaching, the universality of their approach and the miracles they performed. Even a critical approach by a non–conformist would ultimately lead to the assertion that the over–all role of these two spiritual masters during the second half of the nineteenth century was similar, if not same. One, who is capable of making finer spiritual analysis, would be faced with a bewildering reality.

    The reality is that Swami Samarth and Shri Shirdi Sai Baba were the manifestations of the same Divine Spirit in two gross bodies.

    Many published writings on both these Saints by different writers authenticate about the interaction between these two Sadgurus both in the gross, and the subtle planes. Just before Mahasamadhi, Swami Samrath advised one of his disciples to worship Shri Sai at Shirdi saying that he (the Swami Samarth) would stay at Shirdi in future.

    The early life of Swami Samarth like that of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba is shrouded with mystery. For that matter, even Shri Shirdi Sai Baba’s advent and early life has not been established. Yet it does not really matter for those who have faith in Him and continue to experience his benevolence in different ways. How does it matter if Christ was born of a virgin mother! He took the pain of the suffering humanity and led them in the path of spirituality. That is what the world needs.

    Shri Narasimha Saraswati, about three centuries before the advent of Swami Samarth is believed to be the earlier incarnation of Shri Dattatreya. The‘Guru Charitra’ one of the most famous books gives lot of information about Him. As per the most popular belief, Shri Narasimha Swami, after helping and spiritually uplifting a large number of people over a few decades, went away to the Himalayas for penance and went into Samadhi. In the Samadhi state He remained for about three hundred years. With the passage of time a huge anthill grew over him and he was lost to the outside world. One day accidentally a woodcutter’s axe fell on the bushes grown around the ant hill. He was shocked to find blood stains on the blade of the axe. He cleared the anthill and Lo, he found a Yogi in meditation. The Yogi slowly opened his eyes and consoled the dumbfounded woodcutter saying that it was the Divine Will for Him to re–appear in the world to resume His mission. This Yogi, in his new role came to be known as Swami Samarth.

    Prior to his settlement at Akkalkot, Swami Samarth visited far and wide. While moving in the Himalayan region he visited China. Thereafter, he visited places like Puri, Benaras, Hardwar, Girnar, Kathiawad and Rameswaram in the South. He also stayed at Mangalvedha, a town near Pandharpur in Solapur district Maharashtra, which had been inhabited earlier by famous saints like Domojipant and Chokhamela. He came to Akkalkot in 1856 where he continued his physical existence for 22 years. He came to Akkalkot on the invitation of one Chintopant Tol and stayed at a place on the outskirts of the town.

    What we call miracles are the normal ways of functioning of the God realised ones. The Risaldar of that area, a Muslim person, wanted to test the Swami by offering him a ‘Chilum’ (an earthen smoking pipe) without tobacco in it and asked him to smoke. Swami Samarth started smoking the empty Chilum after lighting it as if nothing had happened. Realising him to be an advanced spiritual person, the Risaldar apologised and made arrangements for his stay in the house of one Cholappa. It is in this small house that Swami Samarth lived upto his last.

    Soon, the name of Swami Samarth as a Spiritual Master spread all around and devotees came for taking his blessings. The ordinary people did not understand many of his gestures and mystic statements, which he used to make cryptically, although their meanings became apparent on later dates.

    He treated Muslims, Christians and Parsees all alike. His Kindness was always bestowed on the poor, needy and the people at the lowest rung of the society. Both Hindus and Muslim festivals like Dusshehra and Moharram etc. used to be celebrated by Him. As in Shirdi, Thursday became a special day of celebration at Akkalkot. Like Shirdi Sai Baba, Swami Samarth of Akkalkot was fond of mass feeding. Once, on his visit to a place called Rampur, a devotee named Rawaji, to celebrate his visit, cooked food for 50 people. However, hearing the news of Swami Samarth’s arrival hundreds of people from the neighbouring villages started rushing to the village. Seeing such a large number of people at his doorstep Rawaji became visibly panicky. Moved by his plight, Swami Samarth asked Rawaji to get some empty baskets. When the baskets were brought from the market, idols of all the deities like Khandoba, Annapurna, etc were put in them and food materials like chapatis (bread) etc. were piled over them. Bawaji and his wife were asked to carry these baskets and take three rounds around the Tulsi plant. After that, they were asked to serve food from these baskets to the guest without looking into them. When food was being served, Rawaji and his wife were amazed to see that the baskets never exhausted even after a few hundred people had been served. After all the people who had come finished their meal, Swami Samarth took his meal. This is known as ‘Annapurna Siddhi’.

    Swami Samarth had the capacity to read the minds of all the people coming to him and also was able to know about their past and future. Baba Saheb Jadhav, one of his great devotees one day came to meet the Master. Seeing him suddenly Swami Samarth said “Oh Potter! There is a summon coming in your name”. The potter being in the close circle of Swami Samarth understood the meaning of this sentence and begged of the Swami to save him from the approaching death so that he could continue to serve him (the Master). Moved by his devotion Swami Samarth looked–up towards the sky and muttered something as if he was addressing to someone who was invisible. Suddenly, he pointed his hand towards a bull passing nearby and said in a loud voice “go to the bull”. In the presence of a large number of devotees, the bull instantly fell dead. Jadhav, with a fresh lease of life, devoted himself totally to the service of Swami Samarth thereafter. Similarly, An European engineer from Solapur visited the Swami with the earnest hope of having a son. As he approached Swami Samarth, the latter just looked at him and told that he would have a son within a year. That is what exactly happened.

    The Sadgurus or the Spiritual Masters always endeavors to change the quality of men that encounter them. Besides bestowing material benefit, they try to uplift them spiritually. Once a Jewish doctor, who was working as an eye specialist in the J.J. Hospital, Bombay met Swami Samarth. The doctor was very proud of his professional competence. Seeing him Swami Samarth asked “tell me doctor, how many of the eye patients you have treated have lost their eye sights for ever”‘. This sentence made a tremendous impact on the doctor. He realised that many people had lost their sights forever even if they had been treated by him. His ego immediately vanished and thereafter he became a devotee of Swami Samarth. After retirement the doctor settled–down at Akkalkot and served the Master till his last.

    It is said that a touchstone can convert an ordinary metal to gold. The Spiritual Masters are such touchstones that they can convert any ordinary metal not to that of gold but to that of a touchstone. They are capable of giving spiritual life to any person in a fraction of a second by a touch, a look, a word or even by a mere thought. A person like Ramanand Bidkar who had lived an immoral life for a long period was converted to a Saint called Bidkar Maharaj by the kind grace of Swami Samarath, who by one graces i.e. Drishti Diksha, evolved him spiritually. Under his guidance Sri Balappa Maharaj, Shri Gangadhar Maharaj, Sri Gajanan Maharaj and many others rose to spiritual eminence and contributed a lot to the society.

    After serving the poor, curing the sick and helping the spiritual seekers over a few decades, Swami Samarth one day suddenly announced that the time had come for him to go out of his physical existence. By Hindu calendar It was Chaitra Sudha trayodasi, Shaka 1800 i.e. the year 1878 AD Tuesday at 4 PM. At this time he seated himself in Padmasana (Lotus Posture) and uttered his last words – “No one should weep I shall always be present at all places and I shall respond to every call of the devotees”. Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi had also said exactly the same thing before his Mahasamadhi.

    Just before he had left his gross body, one devotee named Keshav Nayak who was emotionally charged, asked “Maharaj, since you are going, who will give us protection?”. Swami Samarth gave him a pair of his sandals to worship. He told him “In future I will be staying at Shirdi in district Ahmednagar”. Another devotee, Krishna Ali Bagkar decided to go to Akkalkot and worship the padukas of Swami Samarth. Thereafter he got a dream appearance of Swami Samarth who told him “Now I am staying at Shirdi, go there and worship me”. Bagkar went to Shirdi where he stayed for six months. Later, when he wanted to take leave of Shri Sai and go to Akkalkot again Shri Sai told him “what is there in Akkalkot, Maharaj of Akkalkot is staying here”. Bagkar realised that there is no difference between Swami Samarth and Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi as he recalled his earlier dream.

    The divine game (leela) of Swami Samarth did not end with his Maha Samadhi (shedding his mortal coil). His devotees continue to experience the miracles of his visible and invisible help even till today. It is exactly like the experience received by the devotees of Sai Baba of Shirdi after his Mahasamadhi in 1918. Many people have authenticated his appearance in physical form before them. These people are not the faith–blind rural folk. Many of them are well educated people like doctors, educationists etc. For example, Dr. S.V.Marathe, a private medical practitioner of Pune once underwent treatment in a chest Hospital at a place called Aundh in 1964. Many of his friends were anxious to come and visit him. At this juncture, Swami Samarth appeared before many of his friends in a dream and gave the same message to all of them. He asked them not to worry about Dr.Marathe, as he was under His (Swami Samarth’s) protection and also not to come to Aundh.

    Hundreds of devotees continue to have miraculous experience about the Perfect Master even today. But his miracles and those of Shri Sainath are so alike that one would be drawn to the conclusion that they are not two masters but are one, and the ONLY ONE TRUTH.


  • Prepare your mind for Swami Samarth upasana :

    1. What is upasana?

    'Upasana' in Sanskrit means 'Sitting near', normally the term is associated to denote a prescribed method for approaching God or getting close to the God.

    'Upasana' in Sanskrit means 'Sitting near', normally the term is associated to denote a prescribed method for approaching God or getting close to the God.

    2. Most Important: What is the objective of your Upasana?

    You CAN use this Upasana to resolve the following types of problems:

    Severe illness, financial problems, extended Joblessness, no marriage after several years of efforts, no child after several years of marriage, court problems and any severe issue that we generally call as “Sankat”.

    Please note: your problem will NOT be solved with 3 days of Upasana. You will just get some kind of confirmation of Swami’s presence behind you. Once you get that, you should continue Swami Bhakti and Seva until the problem is resolved. The actual resolution of your problem may take several months to several years (depending on the strength of bad patch of Karma that is causing the problem.) Stronger the Karma, the more efforts and faith will be required to overcome the problem.

    DO NOT use this Upasana for the following (God and Swami has no interest in these things) – Love relationship, to earn wealth, to earn better than current job, for better exam results etc.

  • Preparation for Upasana :

    First of all, read following page carefully before starting Swami Upasana. This will give your mind a basic spiritual foundation that is extremely necessary before you start the upasana. Understanding the logic and science behind Swami Upasana effort is absolutely essential.

    Miracle Cure – Experience Swami Samarth’s promise to you!!

    Please understand : The success of this effort fully depends on the intensity of prayers you can generate. Chances of your success are very high if you can generate high intensity prayer and maintain atmosphere of extreme purity during the 3 days of upasana.

    DO NOT start this upasana if you are not sure of strictly following the DOs and DONTs given below. DO NOT start immediately after reading the pages on this site. You should do good amount of reading about Swami Samarth through books or Internet. If you live in Maharashtra you will have lot of Swami Samarth literature available everywhere. Try to read Swami Samarth Charitra (especially his chamatkar or leela or miracles). I recommend reading book named 'Swami Raja' by Leela Gole. Such reading will give your mind the necessary confidence and level of faith required before starting upasana. Listen to and understand the meaning of Swami Tarak Mantra (Click here). Listen to this Tarak Manatra over and over again untill your faith in Swami reaches to required level.

    Important : The day you start the upasana you should not have any doubt about presence of Swami Samarth around you. You cannot be focused if you have doubts in mind about the entire upasana effort.

    You must maintain utmost purity of body and mind during your Swami prayers for 3 days

    Keys to success : Highest level of faith in Swami Samartha and his promise – “Fear Not I am with you” – Swami Samarth.

    Your mind should be focused on objective – which you want to come out of trouble you are facing and you are doing the upasana with this and this objective only.

    There should not be any feeling of guilt that you are seeking God’s help to solve problems in your life. Rest assured, there is nothing wrong in asking divine help if all your efforts have failed. There are times in the life when God’s door should be knocked.

    1. You must carry confidence that swami will respond to your call.

    2. Ability to generate prayer/call with highest intensity (energy flux behind your prayer should be to maximum of your ability)

    3. Utmost purity of body, mind and atmosphere at home during upasana period. Same approach by family members will help enormously.

    4. These are the key factors and if you can bring all of them together during these 3 days I am sure YOU WILL experience Swamis miracle yourself.

  • Prepare your family for the event :

    Your immediate family members should be aware about your efforts. Participation by family members is not required but they should help towards maintaining atmosphere of purity and food at home. Only one person should be entirely focused on the event.

    In case cooperation by family members is not available I shall suggest you go to nearest Shri Swami Samarth math few hours in the evening.

    Rules you must follow during the 3 days of Swami Samarth upasana. All activities that increase your concentration and focus of mind are encouraged.

  • DO's :

    List of things you should DO during these 3 days :

    1. If you are a student or have a job or business – you must continue it as usual. Do not take any break for this upasana. If your usual time of collage/work/business is between 8–5, you should do those hours but do not take extra responsibility after these regular hours. All other times in 3 days should be completely devoted for Swami Samarth upasana.

    2. If you have a Swami Math somewhere close to your place, you should try to visit it at least once a day. Doing Seva of about an hour at the Math will be extremely helpful in your objective.

    3. Food : Fasting is not required and should be avoided at the same time keep overall food intake at lower levels. Keep sattvik diet during this period. Preferred food items: Fruits, milk, butter milk, curd–yogart and ghee should be consumed more than other foods. Avoid spicy food.

    4. Maun Vrata : Maintaining silence for 3 days (no talking to anyone for 3 days if possible). If complete maun vrata is not possible try to keep level of talking to absolutely minimum level. Talk only when it is absolutely essential, and avoid the talk that may not be necessary.

    5. In these 3 days keep reading this page again & again. That will give you required strength in your effort.

    6. All activities that can create diversion should be completely avoided.

  • Don’ts :

    What you should NOT DO during these 3 days?

    1. Absolutely No eating meat and eggs (It should not be even maintained in the house in case you/your family eat meat other times) and preferably 1 month before upasana period.

    2. Absolutely no liquor/alcohol and soft drinks etc. during these 3 days and preferably 1 month before the upasana period.

    3. Absolutely No watching TV during this period. (If someone can watch TV that indicates the issue is not serious enough to do such an effort)

    4. Not listening to songs other than listed below

    5. No meetings with friends and extended family visits etc.

    6. No appointments/shopping etc. other than your job/business and most essential activities.

    7. No eating of onion and garlic.

    8. Not going to hotels, parties or any other social events.

    9. Avoid working extra hours (for job, business, study etc.) If you feel you may be required to work extra hours you should not start upasana during days of such possibility.

  • Swami Upasana for 3 days :

    If you have seriously followed the above DOs and DONTs then you have done 90% the upasana preparation. The remaining part is not too complex.

    Before you start the upasana listen to various Swami Naam/Swami Japa on this page at least once until you catch the rhythm of the Japa (repetition of Swami's naam mantra) in your mind. Important – Getting the rhythm in your mind will help you focus your mind more quickly and in consistent manner.

    Here are the steps you should follow during all 3 days of Swami Upasana :

    Below are Swami Samarth First original photos taken by Kodak photographer (read original Kodak photo of Swami Samarth Story) and some paintings of Swami. Keep any of these Swami Samarth photos or paintings (the one you like the most) in your Puja place (preferably facing east).

    Perform Swami puja all 3 days (early in the morning after bath) and sit before Swami Samarth photo, Paduka Photo in the morning for at–least 10 minutes.

    Before you start your Swami Puja tell Swami about the objective of your upasana (resolution of your particular problem in the life).

    Repeat the same process in the evenings.

    The longer the Japa you do the more it will help the purpose you are doing the upasana.

    Most Important : Listen to Swami Tarak Mantra (Click here) during these 3 days over and over again. Continue doing Swami Naam Japa (Click here or here) throughout the 3 days along with your request to Swami to help you. Japa must continue during your work/study also. It can be done in mind when you are with other people. When you are alone you should do it loud (so that you can clearly heat it.) You mind will try to divert to worldy matters, but you must continue to bring it back with Japa. I agree it is not possible but I would say you should do continuous Naam Japa for 24 hours each day.

    Those who can generate highest intensity prayers (call to Swami to help you) during 3 days will certainly receive some confirmation of Swami’s help to you. This confirmation will help you further to carry your prayers to Swami until the problem is fully solved.

  • If your upasana effort succeed :

    1. Your problem will NOT be solved with 3 days of Upasana. You will just get some kind of confirmation of Swami’s presence behind you. When you get a confirmation that your efforts are succeeding, then you should continue Swami Bhakti by reading Swami Charitra (daily), doing Swami Naam Japa and daily visits/Seva (service) at Swami Samarth Math near your place. Visit 'How to do Swami Bhakti' page and try to follow practical instructions given in that. Try doing Naam Japa whenever you can ('Maharaj Shri Swami Samarth Jai Jai Swami Samarth, Shri Swami Samartha Jai Jai Swami Samarth!!').

    2. You should continue Swami Bhakti and Seva until the problem is resolved. The problems you face in the life are because of Karmas in the past lives. The actual resolution of your problem may take several months to several years (depending on the strength of bad patch of Karma that is causing the problem.) Long term upasana is to clean those bad karmas effects (which are deeply ingrained in your subtle or spiritual body). Stronger the Karma, the more efforts and faith will be required to overcome the problem. Read more about law of Karma.

    3. God (Swami) is rightly said to be very kind even though he is stern in punishing the wrong–doers and sinful persons with merciful intention to improve them. The fact is: God is absolutely keen to help you in facing your Prarabdha (current Karma account) provided you turn your mind away from gross desires, Vasanas (subtle desires) and Shadripus (six passions) of the material life and confess your sins committed up–till now open–heartedly with tearful eyes and start behaving properly hereafter in right earnest in obedience to his orders (of virtuous behavior) keeping your face towards him only.

  • If your upasana effort does not succeed :

    1. If an individual does not have enough faith to generate intense prayer call to Swami Samarth and if they cannot do the upasana as prescribed may not get confirmation of Swami’s promise.

    2. If this is the case, it is upto you to decide if you follow the Swami Japa or not.

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