Shri Anna Ganapati Navgraha Siddhapeetham Nashik Maharashtra India

ll श्री अन्ना गणपति नवग्रह सिद्धपीठम् नाशिक ll

Navratri Utsav 2020

  • Navratri Celebration Of 'Maa Chamundeshwari'@ Shri Anna Ganapati Navgraha Siddhapeetham

    Program : 6th Kumkum Archana

    Followed by Nav Chandi Yag/Homam.

    Navratri is an auspicious Hindu festival celebrated all around the globe but holds utmost importance for the Gujarati and Bengali communities in India. Goddess Durga is worshipped with great devotion and faith during the festival. Let's understand the importance of Navratri. The term itself means nine nights and during these nine days and nights nine forms of Goddess Shakti are worshipped. Navratri symbolises victory over evil.

    There is an old myth regarding Navratri that it was indirectly associated with farming and that’s the reason why farmers owe their gratitude and thank Maa Durga for her blessings. Navratri 2019 begins on September 29th , and the first three days are especially dedicated to Goddess Durga and her various forms – Kumari, Parvati, Kali. This festival itself grants female topmost respect. Devotees start preparing various cuisines and celebrate the festival by wearing colourful dresses.

    Navratri festival, which concludes on Navami/Dussehra, involves praying, fasting, savouring fast delicacies and enjoying for nine days. On this day, Kanya Puja is performed and nine females represent the forms of Goddess Durga. There is a specific ritual attached to this that includes washing their feet which symbolises respect and then offers a new attire in the form of gifts.

    If we brush up on our mythology, it says that Lord Shiva granted permission to Goddess Durga for seeing her mother for just nine days. During those nine days, Goddess Durga demolished demon Mahishasuraafter a ruthless battle. Hence Goddess Durga is represented as shakti – the ultimate power. It is also said that Mother Durga is a divine power and eternal – which can never be created nor be devastated.

    The nine days of Navratri are considered to be very auspicious and also an opportunity to surrender in sadhana and seek god with purity and grace. Hope Goddess Durga showers her blessings on everyone. Happy Navratri!

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